J-1 Visa eLearning Training Courses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Y​​ou can now turn to the Council for Global Immigration to fulfill your organization’s required RO and ARO training. As part of its ongoing efforts to meet the needs of the J-1 community, CFGI has released four new online training products designed to meet the needs of Responsible Officers (RO) and Alternate Responsible Officers (ARO) who administer J-1 Exchange Visitor Programs.

With RO and ARO training required under Subpart A, these products will provide you an accessible and documentable method to satisfy this key program requirement – without having to leave your office.

Whether you are new to working with Exchange Visitor programs or an experienced professional seeking to focus on one particular area of program administration or employment law, CFGI’s e-learning training courses have something for you! 

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To Pur​chase​​ a Course Today

You can purchase the CFGI eLearning courses below.  The courses include the full six-module course, "The RO and ARO Roadmap for Administering J-1 Exchange Visitor Programs," as well as three of the modules available for individual purchase separately:

In​​tended Au​​dience

CFGI’s courses are designed specifically for ROs and AROs administering J-1 Exchange Visitor Programs for a designated sponsor. Courses ar​​e tailored to provide resources for a range of audiences, from new ROs and AROs needing training in key program requirements, processes and regulations, to experienced professionals looking to update their skills.

J-1 Categories covered in courses​​ are: Alien Physician, College/University Student, Intern, Research Scholar/Professor, Short-Term Scholar, Specialist, Summer Work Travel and Trainee. 

​​Co​urse Bene​fits

Benefits of purcha​sing CFGI’s J-1 online training courses include:

  • ​​Training resources covering key areas required for ROs and AROs, including J-1 program regulations (22 CFR Part 62), program administration practices, SEVIS operations, and employment law requirements.
  • Ability for users to self-pace their training.
  • Web-based resource library that provides easy access to key program resources all year. Important: The resource library is accessible to users even after the completion of training.
  • Documentation confirming completion of training – Certificate of Achievement available at the completion of the course.

How​ ​much​ do the ​​​eLearning products cost?

Each of th​e four onli​ne courses has a different cost for CFGI and SHRM members and nonmembers. The cost of each of the online courses is as follows:

  • ​CFGI or SHRM member price for the full six-module course:  $299
  • Nonmember price for the full six-module course:  $449
  • CFGI or SHRM member price for any of the three a la carte modules:  $79 each
  • Nonmember price for any of the three a la carte modules:  $119 each

F​​​or​ More I​​​nformatio​n

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