CFGI Advances More Efficient Immigration Processes in Canada


CFGI advoc
ated for more timely, predictable and flexible immigration processes to answer the Government of Canada’s call for comments on the future of its immigration policy. Member feedback to our survey guided our response, ensuring that our immigration solutions tackle the challenges you face in Canada. Specifically, we…

  1. Promoted a Trusted Employer program as a way to ensure that Canada’s immigration system is modern and efficient. We expressed support for a fee-based expedited processing system and encouraged the government to invest resources in processing technology to reduce paper-filing requirements and to increase processing efficiency and adjudication consistency.

  2. Raised member challenges with LMIAs, noting that related processes were overly burdensome and time consuming. We also voiced a number of broader immigration challenges cited by members, including: slow processing times, inconsistent adjudications, frequent changes to requirements and processes, and challenges hiring international graduates of Canadian universities.

  3. Applauded Canada’s tradition of openness toward immigration, encouraging the government to promote this perspective. We argued that Canada could counter the anti-immigrant narrative that colors the global discourse on immigration by administering a world class immigration system that works for employers.
Our complete response can be found here.