CFGI Promotes Fair, Innovative, Competitive Policies in EU Consultation


​On September 18, CFGI submitted a survey response and written contribution to the EU’s public consultation on its policies governing immigration, such as the Blue Card and intra-company transfer directives. The consultation aims to assess the “relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency” and added value of EU legislation impacting immigration.

Our written contribution discussed the economic value and role of migration policy, identified guiding principles for ensuring labour migration systems are effective for employers, and elaborated on our responses to the survey. Specifically, we encouraged the EU to:

  • Develop fair, innovative, and competitive immigration policies as a vital, but complementary, part of a broader skills strategy;
  • Harmonize policies across Member States to create a more predictable system for employers and simplify compliance;
  • Trust employers to hire qualified candidates by creating policies with flexible qualifications or skills requirements;
  • Promote intra-EU mobility in legislation;
  • Allow partners of non-EU citizens to work; and,
  • Provide accessible and transparent information about migration processes.

A full copy of our written contribution can be found here and our survey response can be found here. Please email Andrew Yewdell to learn more about this consultation and how you can inform our global advocacy.