CFGI Welcomes South Africa’s Policy Vision


​CFGI responded to the Department of Home Affair’s (DHA) public consultation on the future of its immigration policy. Our response applauded their vision to develop a system that is efficient, secure and respectful of human rights. To achieve their aim, we recommended pursuing timely, predictable, and flexible immigration policies and advanced a comprehensive trusted employer system. We also advised DHA to carefully plan and communicate its implementation of new policies to ensure a smooth transition and limit employer confusion.

Published in July, DHA’s Green Paper outlined their thinking on key areas and presented policy and strategic options for stakeholder feedback. CFGI leveraged our global network and member experiences to deliver concrete guidance around issues of relevance to our members. Specifically, we responsed to proposals on:

  • High-Skill Immigration: We highlighted effective practices for developing a points-based system, pointing out fundamental challenges with quotas and critical skills lists. We supported family-friendly visas and provided a pragmatic framework to retain international graduates. We advanced a comprehensive skills development strategy and posited that cross-departmental coordination should not only touch on skills development, but also other areas, such as tax and employment policy.
  • Admissions and Departures: We commended DHA’s embrace of a risk-based approach to border management and counseled on the challenges that can accompany a shift in border management.
  • Permanent Residency and Naturalisation: We encouraged DHA to retain a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship for high-skill immigrants as this underpins a more flexible system.
  • Intra-Africa Mobility: We supported South Africa’s ambitious goal to increase mobility in Africa, but endorsed an incremental approach to build public confidence in regional integration.
  • Integration Strategies: We promoted an efficient, flexible, and welcoming employment-based immigration system as an effective strategy for integrating immigrants. We supported cross-departmental policy coordination and underscored the value of stakeholder engagement.
What Happens Now? The Green Paper is the government’s first step in reforming its immigration system and we expect additional opportunities for stakeholder feedback. CFGI stands ready to provide further input on more specific policy proposals and will keep members apprised of developments.