CFGI Around the World: UN Hearing and London Briefing

Executive Director Lynn Shotwell speaks at UN, her remarks begin at 21:16. 

Last week, CFGI’s global team was in action explaining employers’ immigration needs to global policymakers at the United Nations in Geneva and talking to immigration professionals in London about how U.S. immigration uncertainty aligns with global trends.

Making the Business Case for Migration at the UN

From October 11 to 13, the UN hosted hearings on global labor mobility in preparation for negotiations on the global compact for migration (GCM). Speaking to representatives from over 100 governments as part of a panel on global skills needs, CFGI’s Executive Director Lynn Shotwell presented the global business community’s recommendations and targets for the GCM.

Because the GCM aims to create global standards for immigration policy, the event offered an important opportunity to engage governments and demonstrate how timely, predictable, and transparent immigration policies help global compete. Statements and interventions from this event will ultimately inform the intergovernmental negotiations that launch next year.

Please email Andrew Yewdell to learn more about the GCM and how you can get involved in our related advocacy.

Placing U.S. policy in the Global Context

On October 12, our Global Immigration Specialist Andrew Yewdell joined over 90 HR and immigration professionals at the Permits Foundation conference in London to speak about global immigration trends and work authorization for partners. Andrew participated on a panel on Europe and North America and addressed the parallels between U.S. and global immigration policy with a focus on H-4 work authorization developments.

The panel also featured the chairman of the Migration Advisory Committee, which advises the United Kingdom’s government on immigration policy, and London's representative to the European Parliament. Respectively, they spoke about the UK’s public consultation on immigration policy and the European Union’s efforts to reform the Blue Card directive. Another panel covered immigration reform in South Africa, work authorization for spouses in India, and supporting accompanying family in China. Keynote speakers discussed the politics of immigration in the UK and strategies for supporting a global workforce.

CFGI is sponsor of the Permits Foundation and we work together to promote pathways for partner work authorization around the world.