CFGI Answers UK Parliament Inquiries on Policy Principles


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​On October 6, CFGI responded to two inquiries from the Home Affairs Committee of the UK’s House of Commons on the principles that should guide immigration policy in the country. One inquiry sought public feedback on the capacity of the Home Office to implement immigration policies related to Brexit and specifically asked “what principles should underpin a future immigration system.” The other inquiry focused entirely on the principles that an immigration policy would need to build public consensus in the UK.

Published publicly by the Home Affairs Committee, CFGI’s submission addressed both inquiries explaining how our Principles for Reform can be applied in the UK to create an immigration system with fair, innovative and competitive policies. We also encouraged the UK government to consider the skills mobility recommendations of the GFMD Business Mechanism, of which CFGI is a leading participant. Aligning with our Principles, the recommendations call for policies that are timely and flexible, predictable and transparent, and family-friendly. They also advance an immigration system where employers are a partner in addressing skills needs and ensuring compliance. We concluded that our Principles and the skills mobility recommendations can be reference points for the UK government as it devises a new immigration system.

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As a next step, the Committee will review all written evidence, including CFGI’s submission, and will likely report its findings and recommendations to the UK government for an official response. CFGI will continue to update members as the inquiries progress. Please email Andrew Yewdell to learn more about these inquiries as well as CFGI’s other global advocacy work.