CFGI Calls for Better Immigration Policy Implementation at UN Hearing


CFGI Board Chair Austin Fragomen speaks at UN, his remarks begin at 1:28:55

Last week, CFGI engaged governments from around the world at a UN hearing on the global compact for migration (GCM). The hearing followed the release of the first draft of the GCM and coincided with the first round of inter-governmental negotiations, aimed at determining the content of the final GCM. During the hearing, CFGI's chairman Austin Fragomen expressed support for several components of the draft and called for greater focus on developing government capacity to implement immigration policies that facilitate access to global skills. He also highlighted the valuable insights that employers can contribute to the development of immigration policies.

At a separate consultation linked to the negotiations, CFGI's global immigration specialist Andrew Yewdell addressed the ambassadors leading the GCM negotiations. Yewdell highlighted the need to engage employers in the development of immigration policy. Specifically, he called for leveraging the global employer community to help assess the implementation and effectiveness of policies.

What Comes Next?

Additional negotiating rounds are scheduled to take place each month through July 2018. CFGI will continue to participate in the process as we believe that the GCM has potential to shape immigration policies around the world. Currently, we are evaluating the draft GCM and working with like-minded organisations in the business community to communicate our priorities for revisions to the governments leading the negotiations.

Please email Andrew Yewdell to learn more about the GCM and how you can get involved in our global advocacy.