CFGI Gives Global Employers a Voice at the UN


​On November 14th, policymakers met at UN Headquarters in New York for an event on the UN’s global migration compact – a nascent effort to reshape how governments manage migration. CFGI Executive Director Lynn Shotwell shared the perspectives of global employers, delivering remarks on the relationship between migration and employment. As part of a panel on the economic aspects of the compact, she also envisioned a role for employers in developing the compact and noted the need for coordination with other relevant global initiatives.

Over the next two years, governments will negotiate the compact at the UN and will turn to stakeholders for guidance. It is critical that employers participate as a vocal stakeholder in this process since the compact has potential to impact national employment-based immigration policies. CFGI will continue to ensure that our members' voices are heard in these discussions and advocate for policies that meet the needs of a 21st century workplace.

Please email Andrew Yewdell to learn more about the UN migration compact and how it can impact your work.