J-1 Sponsorship

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program provides opportunities for highly educated foreign employees and students to visit the United States for a short amount of time to receive on-the-job training and engage in cultural exchange.
The Council for Global Immigration is designated by the U.S. Department of State as a J-1 Visa sponsor for the Trainee and Intern programs.


Find out more about our program and what employers and participants need to know to make sure they get the most from their J-1 Visa program experience.

Why sponsor your J-1 Visa program with CFGI? We make it easy…

J-1 Visa regulations impose significant compliance responsibilities on employers. CFGI works with our member organizations and participants to coordinate the details of your training programs – whether it's processing applications, delivering guidance on travel procedures, conducting compliance site visits, ensuring government reporting requirements are met or checking in with Trainees and Interns throughout their stays in the United States. We are respected internationally for our high-touch communication and assistance on all aspects of the J-1 Visa exchange.

Availability. On the phone, online and in person, we offer employers a boutique service portfolio, catering to individual preferences while keeping compliance a top priority. In addition, we offer expedited application processing in as few as five (5) business days.

Partnership. By working with you, we learn your preferences and anticipate your needs. Year after year, our members tell us this results in successful transitions for their international Trainees and Interns.

Dedication. We are your guides throughout the process, offering helpful suggestions and support with the various administrative and compliance requirements for each individual program.​

​We can only sponsor J-1 programs for active CFGI members. 

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