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For more than 30 years, the world's leading employers have chosen the Council for Global Immigration to sponsor their J-1 Intern and Trainee visa programs. We help our members make the most of this important tool.

Our J-1 Visa program allows employers to:

  • Provide training to international employees in the United States, exposing them to American techniques, methodologies and expertise, while giving them a better understanding of American culture and society;
  • Foster best practices and expand American business culture throughout global operations; and
  • Broaden experiences for American employees by exposing them to a global work environment and international talent.​

For those interested in understanding how both the U.S. Department of State's Exchange Visitor Program and CFGI's J-1 internship and training programs work, we have created an excellent ove​rview of the J-1 application process. It is a useful tool in deciding whether an umbrella sponsor, like CFGI, is the best option for your needs.

Let us help you navigate the complexities and responsibilities of your J-1 Visa programs.

How to Utilize the J-1 Visa

The J-1 Visa program can be used in many ways to train and educate overseas employees inside the United States. Below are several common business scenarios that are tailor-made for the J-1 Visa program.​  Additional information can also be found here.

Scenario 1: Onboarding of new employees for an overseas facility

"ABC" company was getting ready to launch a new facility in Brazil. ABC went to Brazil to recruit the top brass for the new facility (directors and managers for HR, Engineering, Quality Control, Accounting, etc.). The company then brought the selected candidates to the United States for intensive training in its corporate headquarters and within its facilities in the United States. After training in the United States, the new hires were able to return to Brazil to launch the facility and take advantage of the new and thriving market.

Scenario 2: International leadership development programs or management "Fast-Track" programs

Each year "123" company identifies a group of top performers for participation in a rigorous and highly structured training program meant to groom participants for future leadership positions within the company. The company brings a new group to the United States at the same time every year for one year of training in the company's various locations around the country.​

Scenario 3: Graduate training program

"XYZ" company routinely recruits engineering students for participation in its "Student and Graduate Programs." The students participate in co-ops and internships with the company during their studies and then are hired full-time after graduation as "Graduate Interns" for structured training intended to groom them for leadership positions within the company. The J-1 Visa is used to bring these individuals to the United States for rotations within critical business units in the company's American operations.​

Scenario 4: Rollout of new technologies

"ACME" company acquires a competitor and needs to retool the equipment in the competitor's facility overseas in order to be compatible with the company's proprietary technologies and processes. The company uses the J-1 Visa to bring the facility's engineering team and machine technicians to the United States for training on the company's equipment to be installed in the facility abroad. The training facilitates the installation of the new equipment and provides the team with the knowledge necessary to ensure efficient and safe facilities operation.​

Scenario 5: Foreign university students completing internships in fulfillment of degree requirements

Many overseas universities require students to complete internships as part of their degree requirements – and the J-1 Intern visa is perfect for this purpose. These programs create a win-win situation for both the students and the U.S. host company. The students obtain a valuable resume-building professional experience and course credit. The company has a recruitment tool that allows them to assess the students' suitability for future hire overseas, creating a pipeline of future talent after the students return to their home countries and graduate.​


Government Links​​

government agencies and offices have responsibility for aspects of the J-1 Visa program. The most important are listed below:​

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