Fees, Timeframes & Processes

​Upon receipt of the host organization's completed questionnaires and required supporting documentationthe Council for Global Immigration will: verify the participant's program eligibility; process the J-1 sponsorship application; enter candidates' information into the SEVIS s​ystem; and issue the Certificate of Eligibility (Form DS-2019) to the program participant for presentation with the participant's visa application at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. ​

J-1 Sponsorship Fees

For cases submitted on or after January 16, 2018, CFGI's J-1 Visa program fees will be as follows:

​Fees for New J-1 Applications 
​J-1 sponsorship fee​​ - 15 business days​​$2,110
​Required SEVIS fee$180​
​Expedited processing - 5 business days (optional)$800​
​J-2 Dependent sponsorship for accompanying family members (if applicable)​$750

​​ ​​Fees for Ongoing J-1 Programs
​Separate Family Application (for family members who will be joining a J-1 after the program has begun)
​Extension of an existing J-1 program within the maximum program duration​$725
A​mendment of an existing J-1 program​$375
​Replacement of a lost, damaged or stolen DS-2019​$600
​Reinstatement of J-1 program*​$400
​Required Site Visit**​$650
​​Expedited processing - 5 business days (optional)​$800

*A reinstatement application must be submitted in the event that a J-1 trainee/intern has received his or her visa but does not enter the U.S. and start the J-1 program within 30 days of the program start date listed on the DS-2019 form and a program amendment form has not been properly filed to adjust the start date. When this occurs, before the program can officially commence, CFGI must work with the U.S. Department of State and SEVP to formally reinstate the J-1 program.

**A site visit fee is only required if a site visit is required per federal regulations prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility. This occurs in cases where annual revenue for the Host Organization is less than $3 million or the number of employees at the Host Organization training site is fewer than 25.

In addition to the above fees, the host organization is required to become a member of CFGI and maintain membership throughout the duration of stay of each program participant. Annual membership dues are $1,090 per host employer. Click here to learn more about all the benefits of CFGI membership. ​

Refund Policy

Applications connected to CFGI's J-1 program will be subject to the following refund policy:

  • New J-1 Sponsorship Applications: If an application is submitted to CFGI and is withdrawn or cancelled by either the Host Organization or Participant for any reason prior to issuing the DS-2019 form, the party responsible for paying the sponsorship fee will still be responsible for a fee equivalent to 50 percent of the standard processing fee. Refunds will only be given to the party responsible for paying the sponsorship fee. After the DS-2019 has been issued, no refund will be issued for any reason.
  • Applications for Additional J-1 Services: No refunds will be available after the application for the following have been submitted to CFGI: Amendment of existing J-1 program; extension of existing J-1 Program; separate family sponsorship request; and DS-2019 replacement request.

J-1 Processing Timeframe

Processing times are contingent upon receipt of a complete application packet with all required supporting materials in order:

  • Standard processing for reviewing an application and issuing the J-1 sponsorship paperwork is 15 business days.
  • Expedited processing within 5 business days is available for an additional fee.

Procedures, timeframes and fees for issuance of the J-1 Visa vary depending on the country where the participant will be making his or her visa application and other factors.​​




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