Participant Requirements & Responsibilities

​​J-1 Visa program participants have important responsibilities while they are in the United States. Check here routinely to make sure you are taking care of all requirements.

Upon Arrival in t​he United States

Within 10 business days of your arrival to the United States, you are required to submit the following documents to CFGI at

If you will be arriving in the United States after the program start date indicated on your DS-2019 form, you must notify CFGI immediately. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of your J-1 Visa.

Important P​​rogram Documents

DS-2019 form: Your original DS-2019 form is integral to maintaining your J-1 Visa status. Without this document, you will not be able to demonstrate your valid J-1 status (the visa in your passport; alone is not sufficient). You are not required to carry your DS-2019 form with you at all times, so we suggest that you keep the original in a safe place. If you lose your DS-2019 form, you must contact CFGI immediately to request a replacement, for which there is a fee.

DS-7002 form: The Training/Internship Placement Plan (DS-7002 form) is the official document outlining the activities to be undertaken during the J-1 internship or training program.  This document must be presented to the consular official during the visa appointment and have it available for presentation when entering the United States at a port of entry.

International Travel

To view information on traveling internationally during your J-1 program, click here.

Change of Address

If you move or change address during the course of your training program, you must send notification and your new address to CFGI immediately. Just send us an e-mail at

You must also submit an AR-11 Change of Address form to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services within 10 days of moving. This form can be found at:

Program Evaluation Reports

All J-1 trainees/ interns and their host organization supervisors are required by U.S. federal regulations to complete program evaluations at the end of the J-1 program, as well as at the mid-point, if the program is over six months in length. Find participant and supervisor evaluations here.

Applying for a Social Security Number

If you intend to apply for a Social Security number, you will not be able to do so until after you have submitted your arrival documents to CFGI, as outlined in the section, "Upon Arrival in the United States," above. Additional information about applying for a Social Security card can be found at 

After Your Program Has Ended

J-1 Trainees and Interns who successfully complete their J-1 programs may remain in the United States for travel or personal reasons for no more than 30 days after the program end date indicated on the DS-2019 form. No training or employment activities are permitted during this time. Travel beyond the borders of the United States during this period is strongly discouraged, as re-entry most likely will not be permitted. Upon leaving the U.S. at the conclusion of your program, the validity of your J-1 Visa will end and you will not be permitted back into the United States on your J-1 Visa.

Applying for Subsequent Visa in Another Classification

J-1 Exchange Visitor Program participants are expected to return home upon completion of the program. Therefore, it is CFGI's policy to require participants to return to their home country before they consider applying for another visa in any category.

Know Your Rights

As a temporary visitor to the United States, it is important that you are aware of your rights, as well as protections and resources available when you come to work or study in the United States. To this end, please be sure to review the Nonimmigrant Rights, Protections and Resources pamphlet, which can be viewed via this PDF verison or via the Department of State's website here.  Resources are also available from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, which can be reached at 1-888-373-7888.

CFGI Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding your J-1 Visa training program you may contact us, via telephone at 703-535-6365 or via e-mail.

In the event of an emergency, any J-1 Trainee or Intern participant currently sponsored by CFGI can also utilize CFGI's 24-hour J-1 participant emergency line at 1-888-330-4686.

Department of State Contact Information

If you would like information on or have questions regarding the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, you may contact the United States Department of State via e-mail at, or via postal mail at the address below:

U.S. Department of State
Office of Designation
Private Sector Exchange Programs Division
ECA/EC/D - SA-4E, Room E-B001
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

Phone: 1-844-300-1824

In case of an emergency, the Department of State has also established a 24-hour emergency line for Exchange Visitors. The number is 1-866-283-9090​​​.