2018 Symposium Photo Gallery


​The 2018 CFGI Symposium, "Defining Immigration Strategy," attracted over 380 attendees from the corporate, academic, non-profit, research, and legal sectors. They gathered in Arlington, Virginia on June 10-13 to network with each other, hear what's on the horizon straight from government officials, and benchmark their immigration and global talent strategy.


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“The CFGI immigration symposium has been a wonderful experience where I have been able to connect with other immigration professionals. I have found refreshment in connecting with others facing the same issues and I’m excited to bring back immigration strategy and stories for my company.”

– Johnna Ehlert, SHRM Member, 2018 Scholarship Recipient


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“I really enjoyed the variety of topics in the workshops. The workshops were my favorite part of the Symposium. I feel like I learned so much and was able to gain a wide range of current and relevant information from the panelists, from both attorneys and in-house professionals. The fact that the panels include both attorneys and in-house professionals provided insightful information, since they were able to speak from different perspectives.”

– Sharon Cheng, CFGI Member, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

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