ACIP Quoted – “On the brink: Immigration reform is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fix a 'badly broken system,' says one industry group”

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​​Employee Benefit News, 06/03/2013 –

“Many political observers are indicating that 2013 may offer the first real chance for comprehensive immigration reform since the Reagan administration.

“…Employer organizations and coalitions are commending such efforts. However, just dealing with landscape as it now lies…can be challenging enough. Experts say companies need to carefully consider their staffing needs before deciding whether their workforce needs more foreign nationals or U.S. citizens, both at home and abroad.

“This spring, the American Council on International Personnel and the Society for Human Resource Management applauded congressional efforts to fix what it called the dysfunctional U.S. immigration system, in particular singling out for praise the bipartisan ‘Gang of Eight.’

“…Perhaps few people are as intimately familiar with the…immigration bill as Rebecca Peters. The director and counsel for legislative affairs for ACIP, Peters has been following the act since its conception and…she says it has lots of good news for employers.

“…‘The green card provisions are some of the most positive and beneficial provisions in the bill,’ Peters says. ‘We're getting a lot of new green card numbers, which helps us keep people - who employers already likely have on their payroll - here permanently.’

“Peters echoes…concerns about visas for ‘executives, managers and specialized knowledge workers,’ saying one of ACIP's ‘largest concerns is with the prohibition on outplacing L-1 workers.’ The current reform isn't perfect, she acknowledges, and it isn't free. ‘There's a lot of fees in this bill’ for companies, she says, in addition to the slew of them already in place."

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