ACIP Quoted in Article: “HR's Role in Meeting Mobility Challenges at the U.S.-Canada Border”

Council in the News

​​SHRM, 07/15/2013 –

“North American business travelers who regularly cross the U.S.-Canadian border are seeking ways to expedite the process. Both U.S. and Canadian immigration experts suggest that human resource professionals take a more active role in corporate immigration matters.

“Even though crossing the border between the United States and Canada is easier than entering almost any other country in the world, there is room for improvement, said Lynn Shotwell, executive director of the American Council on International Personnel (ACIP).

“…Although the United States and Canada have the largest bilateral trade relationship in the world, organizations face legal and administrative challenges when transferring employees between both countries.

“ACIP’s Shotwell and Stephen Cryne, president of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council in Toronto, explored this topic further in a white paper, Barriers to Cross-Border Labor Mobility for Professionals Doing Business in Canada and the United States, published in May 2013.

“Shotwell and Cryne say border crossings have become more complicated in the aftermath of 9/11, as security issues continue to trump trade between the countries.

“…What’s more, Shotwell added, getting authorization for professionals to work in the United States and Canada is often so difficult that companies will fly people to border crossings where the officials will let them in, rather than sending them to a closer but more difficult point of entry.

“Shotwell and Cryne admit in the paper that neither security vigilance nor the NAFTA professional list is likely to change in the foreseeable future, but they advocate a Trusted Employer program, which calls upon U.S. and Canada border agencies to provide a streamlined visa application process for businesses.”

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