ACIP quoted in article – "Employers face deadline to use new worker eligibility form"

Council in the News

​​Baltimore Sun, 05/06/2013 –

“Employers in Maryland and across the United States face a deadline Wednesday that some may not know exists but that could prove costly if ignored.

“That's when all employers will be required to use an updated version of the federal I-9 form to prove the eligibility of new workers.

“The form appears to be short and simple…But immigration and business experts say it's more complex than it looks.

“Mistakes or missing information, whether intentional or not and which might have nothing to do with a worker being in the country illegally, can lead to stiff penalties.

“…Last March, Congress approved updates to the form, which new workers are required to fill out to verify identity and employment status. Both versions of the form have been accepted during a two-month grace period. But starting Wednesday [May 8], the updated, two-page form, will be the only valid one.

“‘It's a matter of making sure everything is entered correctly,’ said Justin Storch, manager of agency liaison for the American Council on International Personnel, a trade group for engineering and technology companies with at least one international office. ‘One little slip-up here and there can open employers up to liability. It's important for all employers to know this new form is out there, but there's a good chance there are a lot employers out there who don't know it's been released.’”

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