ACIP quoted in article by BNA, “‘Compromise’ Immigration Measure Would Overhaul Work Visas, Mandate Use of E-Verify”

Council in the News

​​Bloomberg BNA, 04/22/2013 –

“A comprehensive immigration bill introduced April 17 by the Senate's ‘gang of eight’ would make sweeping changes to employment-based visas and temporary foreign worker programs, require all U.S. employers to use E-Verify, and allow most undocumented immigrants currently in the country to apply for legal status and ultimately citizenship.

“…[Sen.] Schumer and [Sen.] McCain briefed President Obama April 16 on the particulars of the proposed legislation. After the meeting Obama released a statement calling the bill a ‘compromise.’

“‘No one will get everything they wanted, including me,’ Obama said. ‘But it is largely consistent with the principles that I have repeatedly laid out for comprehensive reform.’

“…Many of those reacting to the Senate bill expressed satisfaction that it finally had been introduced after months of anticipation and several years of no congressional action.

“‘The current U.S. immigration system is holding America back from greater growth and innovation. We need a system that is efficient and embodies the needs of U.S. employers and the American workforce, allowing employers to access and retain critical talent, and we stand ready to work with all policymakers to ensure that it does,’ American Council on International Personnel Executive Director Lynn Shotwell said in a statement April 17.”

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