ACIP quoted in article: “Steeper proposed visa fees could cost employers $232 million”

Council in the News

​​Bloomberg, 05/26/2013 –

“New work-permit fees proposed in the Senate’s immigration bill mean companies … that depend on employees from overseas would foot the bill for stepped-up border-­control measures.

“The measure would double…the cost of H-1B visas for highly skilled employees from overseas. It also would expand the number of permits to as high as 180,000 from the current cap of 85,000 per year.

“…The bill targets…companies where more than 50 percent of the workforce holds H-1B visas or L-1 visas for intra­company transfers…Those companies would have to pay an additional fee of $10,000 per visa in 2015 and would be restricted from having more than half of their staff members on visas by fiscal 2017.

“…The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the legislation May 21. It includes border-security enhancements that would be paid for partially through a new fee on H-1B visas and through surcharges on citizenship applications. The money would go into a trust fund to help buy drones to monitor the U.S.-Mexico border, to build more secure fencing and to hire more law enforcement personnel.

“…The American Council on International Personnel…said it objects to using visa fees for security programs.

“The group ‘supports ensuring our borders are properly secured, but we also believe that fees placed on compliant employers should be used to improve immigration services and U.S. competitiveness,’’ said Rebecca Peters, director and counsel for legislative affairs for [ACIP]…”

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