ACIP quoted: May 22, 2013 event by the Wilson Center and The Canada Institute, “Barriers to Cross-Border Labour Mobility for Professionals Doing Business in Canada and the United States (Toronto)”

Council in the News

​​The Canada Institute, Toronto, 05/22/2013 –

“The Canada Institute launched the 16th issue of its One Issue, Two Voices series in Toronto on May 22, 2013. Addressing the problem of executive labor mobility, the publication and the panel addressed the barriers that professionals face when crossing the Canada-U.S. border on business.

“…Lynn Shotwell said that crossing the border between Canada and the United States works better than almost anywhere, but there is room for improvement. Global companies have built extensive human capital supply chains and they need to deploy talent quickly to deliver products and services around the world. Businesses look for efficiency, transparency, and predictability; time is money, and businesses have no patience for laws that have not kept up with the economy. Predictability in getting authorization for professional employees to work in Canada and the United States is often so difficult that companies will often fly people to known border crossings, rather than the deal with the unknown. Pre-adjudication is fine for some employees, but it does not work for important, last minute travel. Due to Canada’s reduced consular presence in the United States, it is often easier to send an employee back to China or India for a visa than to wait in North America."

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