CFGI Mentioned – “Numerous Workplace Bills on Governor’s Desk”


“October 15 will mark the deadline for Governor Edmund ‘Jerry’ Brown (D) to sign into law or veto legislation that the California Legislature sent to his desk this month. Two significant pieces of workplace legislation currently on the governor's desk are AB 450 and AB 1209, two bills opposed by SHRM.

“AB 450 will impose various onerous requirements on public and private employers regarding a workplace compliance action undertaken by federal immigration agency personnel. Specifically, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will be required to present a valid warrant to enter a nonpublic area of the place of business, and HR professionals will be prohibited from providing voluntary consent to an ICE agent to access, review or obtain an employee's records without a subpoena or judicial warrant. SHRM and the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI) have submitted a veto request to Governor Brown on AB 450 arguing that, among other things, the bill will add a host of unnecessary burdensome requirements, create many logistical challenges, and could possibly force HR professionals to decide between abiding by federal law or state law. 

“…Once the October 15 deadline has passed, a more detailed legislative report will be published with a complete summary of the actions taken by the governor on all workplace legislation.” 

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