CFGI Mentioned – “President Trump Outlines Policy Goals Affecting HR in First Address to Congress”


“In his first address to Congress, President Donald J. Trump touched on a wide range of issues, from foreign policy to crime to improving education and infrastructure. Much of the speech, however, focused on providing relief to U.S. businesses and the middle class by laying out broad principles for improving the economy, slashing regulations, reforming taxes, and by providing more detail on his plans for health care and immigration reform.

“The president first took time to note his early effort to reduce what he called ‘job‑crushing regulations’ by issuing an executive order requiring that for every new regulation, two must be eliminated and by creating regulatory task forces within every federal agency. 

“…Turning to immigration, the president reiterated his desire to pursue reform with goals like improving jobs and wages for U.S. workers, embracing a merit-based immigration system, and strengthening national security. In an increasingly global and interconnected world, SHRM and our strategic affiliate the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI) believe that access to the best and brightest talent is vital for employers to address the skills gap and for the United States to compete globally. As the Trump administration and Congress consider employment-based immigration reform proposals, SHRM and CFGI will continue to advocate for policies that support U.S. employers in their efforts to recruit, hire, transfer and retain the employees they need from around the world to innovate and grow America's economy. In addition, we continue to support policies that encourage prioritizing visas for employers that are growing the U.S. workforce and investing in the education and training of U.S. employees.”

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