CFGI Mentioned – “Trump Administration Continues to Define Priorities through Executive Action”


“As the U.S. Senate continues to exercise its ‘advice and consent’ authority in considering his cabinet nominees, President Donald J. Trump continues to exercise his executive authority to advance his priorities. In the past week, Trump had issued executive orders focused on reducing regulations, curtailing immigration and revisiting controversial regulations issued during the Obama administration.

“…Constitutionality of the ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States’ EO Challenged in Court

“On February 9, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the nationwide temporary restraining order halting enforcement of President Trump's EO limiting entry into the United States. That executive order…suspended issuance of visas to nationals of seven named countries for at least 90 days…causing uncertainty for foreign travelers, U.S. employers and many universities with international students and faculty. 

“The order, sometimes referred to as the ‘extreme vetting’ order, also includes provisions requiring the agencies to implement uniform screening standards to identify those entering the U.S. on a fraudulent basis or evidencing an intent or risk of harm. A report on progress is due to the president in 60 days. Other key provisions include a pause on the U.S. refugee program, expedited completion of the biometric entry-exit tracking system and suspension of the visa interview waiver program.

“In reaction to the EO, many employers are communicating with affected employees about the seven-country travel ban. Employers are also seeking greater clarity of the potential changes to the immigrant screening standards and the visa interview waiver program, which could increase wait times for nonimmigrant employees seeking a visa renewal to return to the US. 

“…SHRM's affiliate the Council for Global Immigration has created resources for HR and in-house immigration professionals explaining the recent immigration-related executive actions and their potential impact on the workplace. Additional EOs are believed to be under consideration by the Trump administration, including one addressing a wide-range of work visa programs (including the H-1B program) and immigration-related work issues.”

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