CFGI Mentioned – “U.S. tech trade groups urge Trump to let spouses of H1b holders to work”


“U.S. technology trade groups on Thursday [January 18] urged the Trump administration to retain an Obama-era rule that allows certain spouses of highly skilled guest workers to also work legally in the United States.

“The call was made in a letter published on the website of the Information Technology Industry Council…Ten other national business groups also signed the letter.

“The Department of Homeland Security indicated in a regulatory notice in December that it would at least partially undo the 2015 Obama administration decision granting work authorization to spouses of workers on H1b visas, which are used widely in the tech industry.

“…If the work authorization is repealed, H1b visa holders may move to countries where their spouses can legally work…

“…The DHS notice did not give specifics, but said the agency was reviewing the final rule in light of the April 2017 ‘Buy American and Hire American’ executive order by President Donald Trump.

“In their letter, the groups urged the Trump administration to keep the rule in place, ‘not just to attract and retain talent, but to promote immigration to the United States on the basis of one’s skills and merit.’

“…Business groups that signed the letter include Compete America, CompTIA, the Council for Global Immigration,, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Semiconductor Industry Association, the Society for Human Resource Management, TechNet and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.”

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