CFGI Mentioned – “What an Employer Should Do When Immigration Officers Raid Your Business”

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“Strengthening immigration enforcement was one of the biggest elements of President Trump’s campaign last year, and arguably the one that resonated most deeply with many voters. Since coming to office, he has made it amply clear that he intends to carry through in fulfilling that promise.

“Although the primary enforcement emphasis by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement…has been rounding up illegal immigrants who also are criminals, they are not letting workplaces off the hook. News reports since early this year show raids have been taking place at many different kinds of worksites throughout the country.

“Employers who use the E-Verify program can find themselves much better prepared when ICE agents come knocking. E-Verify is mandatory for all federal contractors, employers in certain states, some state contractors and some employers who hire foreign graduates of U.S. universities.

“…The Council for Global Immigration (CFGI), an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), estimates that well under 10% of employers are currently enrolled in the system.

“…Some observers are convinced that E-Verify will become mandatory for all employers sometime in the near future, and the new requirement could be rolled out over a three- or five-year period. SHRM and CFGI support congressional action to preempt the current patchwork of state laws with one accurate and easily accessible federal employment verification system. SHRM also favors switching to an entirely electronic verification system to eliminate the use of paper I-9 forms.”

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