CFGI Mentioned – “iMarch for Immigration”

The SHRM Blog

“With the looming elimination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on March 5, 2018, many employers face the prospect of losing employees who fill key roles within their organizations. Some of these employees may have self-identified as DACA recipients to their employer, but others may not have done so.

“Employers are prohibited by Department of Justice regulations from discriminating against potential DACA recipients by making improper inquiries into such status, meaning a large degree of uncertainty is still likely to exist in worksites across the United States. Employers will not have time to fully plan for workforce disruptions when these employees have to leave the workforce on or after March 5 if the DACA deadline is enforced and Congress doesn’t take action.

“SHRM and the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI) have always believed a legislative resolution would be most effective and lasting for the individuals covered by DACA. That’s why we call upon Congress to pass a timely bipartisan solution that is good for our economy and improves the security of our immigration system.

“On December 6, hundreds of organizations including SHRM and CFGI will join together to launch a virtual march for a bipartisan solution. The DREAM Act is a bipartisan, bicameral bill that would provide DACA recipients protection from deportation and an opportunity to obtain legal status if they meet certain requirements. On the day of the iMarch, we want our immigration reform message to raise awareness of this important issue. To follow and support the initiative on Twitter use hashtag #iMarch. In addition, follow me @SHRMBirbal and CFGI’s Director of Government Affairs, Rebecca Peters @CFGIPeters and @Global_imm for the latest public policy efforts on employment-based immigration.

“…By tackling the issue effectively now, we believe Congress can build momentum that leads to solutions to other important immigration challenges facing our nation. Learn more about the solutions SHRM and CFGI support to reform of our immigration system in fair, innovative and competitive ways.”

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