CFGI Quoted – “H-1B cap met in 5 days, even with application roadblocks”

CIO Dive

“Even with tweaked adjudication policies making it more difficult to apply for an H-1B visa, it was certain the cap would quickly fill this year…Demand for visas has not decreased, even as the application process has become more rigorous. 

“The competition for visas is born out of necessity. National unemployment has remained low, and seven out of 10 HR professionals struggle to fill STEM positions, according to Rebecca Peters, director of government affairs at the Council for Global Immigration. The H-1B process helps augment access to talent, allowing organizations to capitalize on both foreign and domestic talent. 

“Experts believe changes to the adjudication process have a chilling effect on high-skilled immigration, pushing applicants to look toward other countries for employment. If Congress doesn't address the H-1B program, and potentially extend the cap, then the market will adjust accordingly, which could hurt business in the U.S. 

“…As USCIS goes through the process of selecting winning petitions in the lottery, it does not mean applications chosen in the lottery will ultimately receive a visa. Adjudication changes make it harder to have a visa approved. ‘Given the degree of scrutiny applied to H-1B petitions in the last 15 months, petitioners should expect more requests for evidence and potential denials for their cap-subject H-1B petitions,’ said Peters, in an email.” 

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