CFGI Quoted – “Hatch, Flake Introduce Merit-Based, High-Skilled Immigration Bill for the 21st Century”

Office of U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch

“Bipartisan Legislation Reforms H-1B and Student Visas, Increases Access to Employment-Based Green Cards, and Promotes STEM Education

“Washington, D.C.— WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) introduced the Immigration Innovation (‘I-Squared’) Act of 2018 to bring long-overdue reforms to our nation’s merit-based immigration laws for high-skilled workers. The bill focuses on areas vital to maintaining the United States’ competitiveness in the global economy: the availability of employment-based nonimmigrant visas (H-1B visas) for industries in which there is a shortage of American labor; reforms to the H-1B program to reduce fraud and help protect workers; increased access to green cards for high-skilled workers; and directing fees collected for H-1B visas and green cards to promoting STEM worker training and education. Previous versions of the bill were introduced in the last two Congresses. 

“‘Now more than ever, we need highly qualified workers with the skills employers need to succeed in the information economy,’ Hatch said. ‘…The Immigration Innovation Act will help ensure that our companies have access to the world’s best and brightest and are able to fill jobs in highly technical, specialized fields for which there is a shortage of American labor…This bill is a win for all sides.’

“‘The reforms included in the I-Squared Act are critical to fixing a broken U.S. immigration system that has been unable to keep up with the needs of American employers,’ Flake said. “Taking these steps to foster a vibrant economy for homegrown and foreign entrepreneurs, increase access to the high-skilled talent that U.S. businesses depend on, and attract the best students in the world to U.S. universities will help ensure the United States remains a leader in innovation and global competition.’ 

“Statements of Support

“...Lynn Shotwell, Executive Director, Council for Global Immigration:

“‘This legislation would ensure that employers acting in good faith have access to the top global talent they need to compete, while providing additional investments to train and educate U.S. workers in high-demand STEM fields, while also reforming the H-1B program with enhanced protections for U.S. workers, an important change that CFGI supports.’”

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