CFGI Quoted – “Trump to Sign Order Calling for H-1B Visa Reforms”


“President Donald Trump will sign an executive order…directing federal agencies to review the H-1B visa program for foreign high-skilled guest workers, according to news reports.

“…Administration officials told reporters that the order will assess guest worker visa programs, including the H-1B program, set up strict enforcement of U.S. procurement preferences, and address trade treaty renegotiations. According to news reports, the executive order directs federal agencies to more strictly enforce H-1B visa laws and proposes reforms to the program to prevent fraud and abuse and ensure visas are awarded to the most-skilled applicants.

“Advocates of the H-1B visa program argue that access to foreign talent is needed to fill the U.S. skills gap, but critics…say that the program needs to be reformed to quell abuses such as foreign outsourcing firms flooding the system with applicants and sometimes replacing U.S. jobs.

“…‘Under our outmoded immigration system, U.S. employers are losing ground in the highly competitive global talent marketplace and a random lottery for H-1B visas does not help,’ said Lynn Shotwell, executive director of the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI). ‘The world of work has changed dramatically since the H-1B program was last reformed almost 20 years ago. Modernization is the only option if we want to give America the competitive edge.’

“…‘H-1B visas can be a vital tool for employers to access top global talent, drive innovation and spur economic growth, creating more jobs for U.S. workers,’ Shotwell said. ‘As the reform debate moves forward, we must advance a system that is innovative, fair and competitive for employers and employees. We should embrace solutions that reflect market demand and prioritize visas for employers who invest in U.S. workers.’”

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