CFGI Quoted – “Trump's Immigration Ban Sends Cos. Scrambling”


“…Lynn Shotwell, the executive director for the Council for Global Immigration, an association that encompasses companies and universities, told Law360 that she started getting calls from members on Saturday, who were going through different ways of trying to ‘identify anyone who might be impacted.’

“‘What employees did they have overseas? Who might be impacted?’ she said, by way of example. ‘Who do they have that's up for visa renewal? Who has consul appointments abroad that might be impacted?’

“…‘One example of an impacted employee is a senior Amazon lawyer who was born in Libya but has been a UK citizen for many years,’ said the declaration from Ayesha Blackwell-Hawkins, a senior manager of mobility and immigration at Amazon. ‘This employee had plans to travel to the United States for business during the month of February. We have instructed the employee to cancel her plans and remain in the UK rather than risk being denied entry to the United States.’”

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