CFGI Quoted – “Why Employees Are Less Inclined to Move Abroad”


“Would your employees allow your company to relocate them to another country? What if you paid them more to do so?

“For most employees worldwide, the answer is no.

“The newly released 2017 Canadian Employee Relocation Council's (CERC's) Global Mobility Survey points out that just 18 percent of employees in 20 countries…say they would be ‘very likely’ to take a full-time job in another country for up to two years with a 10 percent pay increase—a 7 percentage point decline from 2012.

“The results indicate that HR may have to consider employee attitudes about living abroad, the socio-economic implications of doing so, and how workers expect their employers to accommodate them and their families if they move out of their country for work.

“‘It is becoming more challenging and complex for companies to motivate employees to move for work,’ CERC President and CEO Stephen Cryne stated in a news release.

“Lynn Shotwell, executive director of the Alexandria, Va.-based Council for Global Immigration (CFGI), which was a sponsor of the survey, echoed those statements.

“‘The results mostly align with what we hear from our members, but the interesting story is that on the whole, only one in five employees [is] very willing to temporarily relocate. Clearly, employees will move only for the right opportunity.’”

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