CFGI and SHRM Address White House Immigration Principles


October 10, 2017

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CFGI and SHRM Address White House Immigration Principles

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Council for Global Immigration (CFGI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) support immigration reforms that work for employers and employees. The Trump Administration’s newly released immigration principles fail to meet this standard.

“For employers to compete and win in the 21st century economy, we need a U.S. immigration system that is fair, innovative and competitive,” said Lynn Shotwell, Executive Director of CFGI. “The Trump Administration’s principles fall far short of these goals and, if enacted, would inflict significant damage to the U.S. economy.”

  • CFGI and SHRM are committed to immigration policies that are fair to employers, U.S. employees and skilled immigrants who advance the U.S. economy. Congress must quickly pass a bipartisan legislative solution that recognizes the value and talents DACA recipients contribute to America, whether they are working for employers, receiving an education or serving in the U.S. military.

  • CFGI and SHRM are committed to immigration policies that are innovative by increasing system effectiveness and predictability. The Administration’s principles propose mandatory E-Verify, but without needed improvements. It is essential that any implementation of a national and entirely electronic employment verification system include state-of-the-art tools to accurately authenticate identity and help employers hire a legal workforce. 

  • CFGI and SHRM are committed to immigration policies that make our nation more competitive by boosting U.S. economic growth and innovation. The Trump Administration’s principles parallel the RAISE Act, which would undermine U.S. competitiveness and growth by cutting legal immigration numbers, failing to provide enough visas to clear today’s green card backlogs and imposing a bureaucratic-driven, points-based system to replace today’s employer-driven green card system.

“Congress and the Administration should recognize employers are best positioned to determine their skills and workforce needs, and they should provide enough visas for employers to recruit, hire, transfer and retain the best talent,” said Mike Aitken, Vice President of Government Affairs for SHRM. “The recently released principles would adversely impact the U.S. workforce and economy, while making a timely solution for DACA recipients near impossible. We remain committed to advocating for changes that will position the U.S. to compete globally and look forward to working with the Administration and Congress on bipartisan solutions that work for employers and employees alike.”


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