CFGI quoted – “What Will President Clinton, or Trump, Mean for Immigration?”


​​​“Employment-based immigration faces widely divergent future possibilities, depending on whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States.

“Trump,​ the presumptive Republican nominee, has proposed curbing all types of immigration…while Clinton, the presumptive Democratic pick, has said she will expand immigration.

“‘Clinton ha​s made it known that she wants to prioritize immigration reform and plans to introduce an immigration bill within the first 100 days in office,” said Rebecca Peters, director of government affairs at the Council for Global Immigration…

“…Peters sp​oke Ju
ne 19 at the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition…in a Sunday Session focusing on what to expect in immigration for the upcoming year.

“In ad​dition to reforming employment-based immigration, Clinton has said she would extend President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration…

“…But w​hether Clinton would be able to do any more depends on an imminent Supreme Court ruling over the president’s authority in the matter. 

“…Peters explained that if Clinton wins the election, it is likely that Democrats also would gain control of the Senate. In that scenario,​​ senior New York Sen. Chuck Schumer would become the majority leader. 

“…‘While I th​ink that they could get a bill together, I think they will struggle with Senate Republican support,’ Peters said. 

“…Even if Cl​inton’s effort were to move through the Senate, ‘it will hit a wall in the Republican-controlled House,’ Peters said. 

“…Preventing U.S. worker displacement is at the core of Trump’s immigration proposals. Peters noted that Trump wants
employers to hire an American before an H-1B worker. As president he would increase the prevailing wage for the H-1B visa, terminate t​he J-1 cultural exchange program and pause issuing green cards to foreign workers until U.S. employers hire from the pool of unemployed domestic workers.”

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