Council for Global Immigration quoted in article – “Global Business Travel Compliance Concerns, Best Practices”

Council in the News

​​SHRM, 03/07/2014 –

“Short-term business travelers aren’t always top of mind for those working in the HR, immigration and global mobility functions, but they should be, according to experts.

“Global business travel is increasing and it’s a common and costly mistake to assume that a B-1 business visa is sufficient for every business trip, said Justin Storch, manager of agency liaison at the Council for Global Immigration.

“‘Just because it looks like a business trip and sounds like a business trip, that doesn’t mean the U.S. government will consider it a business trip,’ said Storch. ‘So it’s important to know the rules thoroughly, as enforcement is increasing with regard to B-1s.’

“…While organizations’ reasons for business travel will differ, education and communication are essential to any approach, said Storch. HR and immigration professionals need to educate their workforce about business travel and ensure that everyone in the organization communicates when and where they plan on traveling abroad for business purposes. ‘This is the essential information you need if the government comes knocking,’ he said.”

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