Council for Global Immigration quoted in article – “Immigration reform needed to avoid ‘H-1B casualties,’ negative business impacts”

Council in the News

​​Employee Benefit News, 06/03/2014 –

“Business and education leaders are emphasizing an even greater need for immigration reform in the U.S. as highly skilled employees are being lost due to visa restrictions.

“Speaking Monday [June 2] in Washington, D.C., a panel of members from the Council for Global Immigration expressed concerns on the number of ‘H-1B casualties’ — international workers with high-level skillsets who American employers are unable to bring to U.S. worksites, thanks to limitations on the H-1B visa lottery.

“…Denise Rahmani, director of U.S. immigration with software developer Oracle, says her company lost 200 foreign employees on the recent H-1B cap draft.

“…‘I need the brightest kids out there,’ she says. ‘We’re losing a well-educated bright young mind because he lost the lottery, he lost at a game.’

“Echoing Oracle’s dilemma, Margie Jones, American immigration manager at Intel Corporation, noted the loss of their go-to expert on analog design…‘Unless we can get some reform, this just looks very unmanageable for business,’ she says.

“Laura Chaplin Prince, senior immigration specialist at the University of Iowa, noted that while taxpayers are investing in higher education, they’re also paying to educate people that are forced to leave the U.S. due to immigration rules…‘It’s a revolving door,’ she says. ‘Our business can’t grow.’

“Meanwhile the U.S. is losing its ‘country of choice’ status for immigration, said Austin Fragomen, chairman of the Council for Global Immigration, reiterating Prince’s concerns. ‘We’re forcing graduates of U.S. universities to leave and make careers abroad,’ he says.”

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