Council for Global Immigration quoted in article – “PERM Takes Time, Effort”

Council in the News

​​SHRM, 10/20/2014 –

“A preliminary step in the process of obtaining a green card for a worker—the permanent labor certification (PERM)—‘requires extraordinary attention to painstaking detail, as there is no process for correcting errors,’ according to Bonnie Gibson, an attorney with Fragomen in Phoenix.

“…‘Keep in mind, PERM is just one step in the green card process,’ remarked Justin Storch, manager of agency liaison with the Council for Global Immigration…‘Employers have to file their green card petition with USCIS…afterwards. Also, there is an extensive recruitment process required before an employer can fill out Form 9089. It is a very long process altogether.’

“…‘Small errors in nearly any part of the process can throw the whole process off the rails,’ Storch said. ‘There are any number of problems employers can run into. This can particularly happen when the employee is working in multiple locations. Employers need to know what jurisdiction or jurisdictions to request the prevailing wage for.’

“…[C]ommon mistakes with PERM include:

“…[O]ther common problems with PERM:

“…Another mistake concerns an employer’s lack of understanding that the position noted on the PERM application should be for the future—not current—position.”

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