Council for Global Immigration quoted in article – “Some Business Groups Unhappy About Obama’s Delay On Immigration Executive Action”

Council in the News

​​​International Business Times, 09/08/2014 –

“The White House said over the weekend that President Obama would delay any executive orders on immigration reform until after the November midterm elections, stoking frustration and ire from many immigration advocates…But business groups, some of which had lobbied vigorously with the Obama administration for reform measures over the summer, had a much more mixed reaction.

“…[H]e was also expected to announce significant steps to streamline legal immigration pathways and had met with business leaders and interest groups more than 20 times during the summer to discuss visa and green card reform.

“One executive action that some business groups hoped for involved revising the count for employment-based and family-based green cards. Doing so would free up additional permanent-residence visas and reduce long wait times and backlogs, advocates said.

“‘The challenge is that we have many people just caught in the backlog for green cards,’ explained Lynn Shotwell, executive director for the Council for Global Immigration. ‘Depending on the country [an immigrant] is from, the wait can be decades long. We were hoping Obama would exercise executive authority to change the way that some of those visas are currently allocated. This is a solution that everybody’s known has been necessary for a long time, and we’re disappointed it’s delayed once again.’

‘For business leaders, it sends a message that they can’t count on the U.S. always being open for business and being as efficient in some of these areas as some other countries are,’ she added.”

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