Council for Global Immigration quoted in article - “House GOP Stress Enforcement in Immigration Reform Plan”

Council in the News

​​SHRM, 01/31/2014 –

“House Republican leadership has laid out a vision for a step-by-step approach to comprehensive immigration reform that stresses security at the border, worksite enforcement and employment verification before other aspects of reform can take effect.

“The House GOP document, titled ‘Standards for Immigration Reform,’ unveiled Jan. 30, 2014, also calls for a ‘fully functioning’ entry-exit visa-tracking system, reforms to temporary visa programs for foreign workers and a path to legal status—but not citizenship—for many of the undocumented immigrants in the country.

“…‘This is the most progress I have seen in my decade of work on the issue,’ remarked Rebecca Peters, director and counsel for legislative affairs at the Council for Global Immigration.

“…The document reiterated Republicans’ determination not to conference with the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, which passed that chamber in June 2013.

“…The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Council for Global Immigration, a SHRM affiliate, are ‘encouraged’ by the standards, according to a statement.

“‘The economic case for reform remains strong,’ the organizations said. ‘Specific reforms we support include helping our companies and organizations compete for global talent and improving the systems we use to process visa applications and confirm the identity and work authorization of job applicants.’

“…‘The President’s State of the Union comments were helpful because he made it clear that reform remains one of his top priorities,’ said Peters. ‘The House Republicans’ standards document provides a road map to getting it done. Now we need both sides to turn their words into action.’”

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