Council for Global Immigration and IOE announce formal collaboration agreement


8 February 2016

News Release

Council for Global Immigration and IOE announce formal collaboration agreement

The Council for Global Immigration (CFGI) and the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) have today announced their formal collaboration. CFGI and the IOE will partner to increase employer engagement on global migration policy discussions.

"Every day, our members are facing a changing environment with which they need to keep pace to compete for sought-after global talent" said Lynn Shotwell, CFGI Executive Director. "Working alongside the IOE, which has a long history of engagement in the international labour migration policy debate at the highest level – including with IOM, ILO and more recently the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) - will allow us to contribute more fully to key discussions with Governments on migration policy that directly impact our membership."

Speaking on the announcement, IOE Secretary-General Linda Kromjong said: "On behalf of the IOE's membership, and the many partners, organisations and companies worldwide that already support us, I am delighted to welcome CFGI as a partner. This will certainly be a mutually beneficial relationship, involving the exchange of expertise and experience that will in turn inform and enrich our contributions to international migration policy debate. At a time when companies are striving to build workforces for today and tomorrow, successfully navigating the international labour migration landscape is key to recruiting and retaining key talent. A strong voice of business enhances the regulatory environment, enhancing win-win outcomes for business and employees alike."

About the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI)

CFGI, a strategic affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management, is a nonprofit trade association comprised of leading multinational corporations, universities, and research institutions committed to advancing the employment-based immigration of high-skilled professionals. CFGI bridges the public and private sectors to promote sensible, forward-thinking policies that foster innovation and job growth. CFGI is also a member of the United States Council for International Business. Learn more at

Contact: Lynn Shotwell, Executive Director, at

About the International Organisation of Employers (IOE)

The IOE is the largest network of the private sector in the world, with 155 peak national business and employer organisation members. In social and labour policy debate taking place in the International Labour Organization, across the UN and multilateral system, and in the G20 and other emerging processes, the IOE is the recognized voice of business. Together with the World Economic Forum, the IOE was recently endorsed as the Secretariat of the GFMD Business Mechanism. The IOE advocates for regulatory frameworks at the international level that favour entrepreneurship, private sector development, and sustainable job creation. The IOE supports national business organisations in guiding corporate members in matters of international labour standards, international migration, business and human rights, CSR, occupational health and safety, and international industrial relations.

Contact: Linda Kromjong, Secretary-General, at

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