CFGI quoted – “Decoding Trump's Immigration Plan and What It Means for Employers”


“Since the very first day of his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump has made immigration a key part of his platform. 

“…Trump’s position has fluctuated…In a foreign policy speech Monday, he gave a few more details yet on his immigration plan, which, in turn, raised questions about the potential impact on employers that rely on H classification visas, especially H1-B visas, to bring in skilled workers from overseas.

“…Given Trump’s frequent emphasis on controlling Muslim immigration…Fortune looked at the visas issued to citizens of Muslim-majority countries.

“In 2015, there were 6,879 H classification visas given to citizens of these Muslim-majority nations, according to Department of State data. Though that is a relatively small percentage of the more than 477,000 H visas issued for the year…

“…If a Trump State Department decided that these countries presented too much of a screening challenge, the businesses that use H1B visas…could be hit hard. More two-third–68%–of human resources professionals say they are having trouble filling jobs, especially in STEM fields, according to Rebecca Peters, the director for government affairs at the Council for Global Immigration, part of the Society of Human Resource Management.

“Jeremy Robbins, the executive director of the Partnership for a New American Economy…stressed that maintaining immigration for highly-skilled workers is vital for the American economy. 

“…‘In a global world where people are competing for talent,’ [Jeremy Robbins]…said, ‘we’re the country that everyone wants to come to.’ Adding more hurdles, Robbins said, could further incentivize companies to set up in countries like Canada and Chile, which make it easier to bring in skilled immigrants.”

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