From the Executive Director - February 2015

"In the Know" Updates

​​​​​Moving Forwar​​d in 2015

As I look back over the last year, I am proud to report that 2014 was a great year for the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI) in a number of ways, leaving our team encouraged and motivated as we continue to advance our ideas in the United States, as well as globally.

During the past year, we became engaged in a number of new activities, and we received tangible evidence that those who have the power to enact change are considering our views and concerns before acting.

Here in the United States, we submitted comments and input on numerous proposals from the agencies, enabling us to be a part of the conversation from the beginning as new policies are developed. We have compiled input from you, our members, and provided comprehensive feedback on behalf of employers and immigration professionals at each opportunity. This includes many stakeholder events, as well as direct meetings between CFGI staff and board members with government leaders.

On a global level, we participated in a number of events and discussions – from previewing the results of our 2014 Employer Immigration Metrics Survey at the Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees in Geneva, to meetings with Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development member governments, to our participation in Global Forum on Migration and Development events in Brussels, Geneva and Stockholm. Each opportunity to participate in these discussions marks an important opportunity to contribute our views – on your behalf – to ongoing discussions about global migration challenges and policy responses.

Looking much closer to home, 2014 was a strong year for our organization. We increased our membership by an impressive 10 percent. This is an important metric on many fronts, but ultimately the most important is that by expanding our network of immigration professionals, we are able to bring more ideas and thought leadership to one of the most challenging issues confronting employers and policymakers today. Our reach and influence are only further strengthened by CFGI’s strategic affiliation with SHRM.

A lone voice is just a whisper, but the voice of a large group is a chorus that resonates and inspires action.

As we emerge from winter, we are already working to build on these successes and continue our efforts to ensure the voice of employers is heard in all immigration-related discussions here in the United States and globally. We are truly moving forward on many fronts.

Already, 2015 has proved to be a different year for immigration policy with President Obama’s executive action bringing new dynamics to the conversation in Washington and beyond. CFGI is well positioned to join in, and we are doing just that. Having strengthened our relationship with the agencies in 2014, we have already been asked to provide comments on the visa modernization component of the executive action. We compiled a 28-page submission reflecting input from you and submitted it on your behalf.

In January, we were gratified to see the U.S. government take an initial step toward a Trusted Employer-like program, which we have long advocated. The Department of Homeland Security announced it is considering a “Known Employer” pilot program on the northern border, and while the details of the program are unclear at this point, CFGI has presented our views to the department and stands ready to provide feedback as the pilot unfolds. Stay tuned for more on this over the course of the year.

We are keeping a close eye on Congress, as well. As the Senate or House take action on immigration, we are there to present your views and make sure that any resulting legislation incorporates employer priorities.

Globally, we are actively monitoring new and emerging efforts in the migration space. For example, the European Commission has announced it is creating a new expert group on economic migration – a fresh venue for CFGI to carry your views. You can be sure we will follow the group’s efforts and play as strong a role in them as we can. CFGI also recently joined the Business 20 (B20) employment task force. This group will provide recommendations to the G20 members when they meet in November in Turkey. Migration recommendations were put forward last year and are certain to be discussed again.

CFGI is poised to take advantage of each new opportunity 2015 provides. We will continue to look for venues to represent you and add your voice. As part of that effort, in the coming months, we will launch new tools to help you in your job, as well as prepare for our annual Symposium.

There is little doubt that 2015 will be an important, and busy, year for CFGI and immigration policy, both in the United States and around the world. I, for one, am excited to see how it all unfolds.



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