From the Executive Director - September 2014

"In the Know" Updates

​​September 2014

Staying Connected to You

Once again, the can has been kicked down the road. This time, the president has said he will not make any administrative fixes to the immigration system until after the November elections. This is still more of a commitment than Congress has made. While it’s disappointing that we will be waiting at least several more weeks for any action, the solutions needed for a permanent, top-to-bottom fix require the president and Congress to work together – and on that point, the gridlock seems frozen in place.

Washington may be at a standstill on immigration reform – and everything else for that matter – but employers don’t have the luxury of punting decisions and failing to take action. Neither do we at the Council. You need to transfer, recruit and hire talent, and you rely on us for help. We are here to deliver creative solutions and keep you ahead of the curve – even when Washington seems to be doing everything to hold you back.

One of the latest ways we are bringing you hands-on, practical support is through our efforts to work with USCIS to figure out why the unnecessary and burdensome requests for evidence on your L-1 visa applications have continued to rise. To that end, I am asking you to continue to send your redacted RFEs to Justin Storch,who is compiling the data to make a strong case on your behalf and help make it easier for you to transfer talent.

To ensure we are providing you the latest information and updates, we are revamping the Council’s website, and we want to make sure it reflects your needs. You will soon be receiving a survey to find out what resources you need and how you want to access them. Your opinion is critical to this project’s success.

Ensuring that we are delivering the information you need and want is why we recently launched an educational products task force. I am pleased to report that the task force includes members representing a broad array of economic sectors, some of whom currently serve on our board and some of whom do not. In the coming months, they will be using the input we received from focus groups and member surveys to develop new advanced learning opportunities and other services our members want and need. In addition, we are pleased to announce that in conjunction with SHRM, we will be offering a new Immigration Essentials for HR. This course is ideal for your colleagues who need an overview of how the immigration system works.

Separately, we continue our work to build connections among members that will help you share information and do your jobs more effectively. We recently launched the Africa Networking Group, which has already started meeting and discussing topics of mutual concern. If you want to join this group, please email Andrew Yewdell.

We are all looking forward to the release of our annual Employer Immigration Metrics survey, which was received by our members and external audiences with great response last year. We understand last year’s results helped many of you work with your managers to ensure your organizations are staffed to align with competitors and the marketplace – and we are confident this year’s report will help you do the same. We also continue to help you benchmark through our Questions of the Week.

On a final note, I would like to remind you that your Council membership applies to your organization, meaning that anyone in your organization with an interest in immigration – think about your legal, human resources, government affairs and recruiting teams – can utilize our resources – including the benchmarking survey, revamped website and the advanced learning opportunities we are working hard to bring you. Please email Emily Langley Campbell to make sure you and your organization are getting the most of your membership.

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