CFGI quoted – “President Obama’s Immigration Reform May Live Again Under Hillary Clinton”


“At first glance, the Supreme Court's denial of rehearing Oct. 3 on lower court rulings that preliminarily blocked President Barack Obama's proposed immigration programs seems to spell the end of the programs. But the programs may rise…if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

“…Now that rehearing has been denied, the case goes back to the district court for hearings on the merits since the injunction was preliminary, not permanent…

“…Employers' immigration attorneys were disappointed that the Supreme Court would not rehear the case.

“…While Democratic Party nominee Clinton has promised to keep fighting for Obama's executive actions on immigration and Republican Party nominee Donald Trump has stated that he would end them, the immigration battle may lie with Congress.

“‘Ultimately, it is up to Congress to pass legislation that would reform the existing immigration laws,’ [Yova] Borovska said. ‘Whether comprehensive or piecemeal, such legislation should include common-sense options for immigrants that would strengthen the U.S. economy, protect the borders and support family unity. Attempts to pass immigration reform were made during the Obama administration, unsuccessfully, as Congress has been highly divided on immigration issues.’

“…‘Today's decision is not a big surprise, and it means it will be up to the next administration to determine how to deal with the undocumented issue,’ said Justin Storch, manager of agency liaison at the Council for Global Immigration, an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. ‘Depending on how the election goes, new executive actions might eventually take the place of DACA and DAPA and a nine-member court might end up ruling more definitively on these actions.’”

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