CFGI Mentioned – “Research shows fall in employees willing to relocate abroad”

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“A survey of 10,000 employees in 20 countries, carried out by Ipsos on behalf of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council…has revealed a fall in the number of employees who would be willing to move abroad for employment.

“In 2017, almost two in ten (18 per cent) employees in 20 countries said they would be ‘very likely’ to relocate for up to two years and take a full-time job in another country…In 2012, the figure was 25 per cent.

“‘At a time when many regions of the world are transitioning to knowledge-based economies, and living standards improve, it is not surprising to see a measurable decline in the number of employees willing to relocate for employment since 2012,’ said Stephen Cryne, president and CEO of the CERC.

“…However, global employees are less motivated to relocate by virtually all incentives than they were in 2012. For Stephen Cryne, ‘the growing…opposition towards migration and more restrictive immigration regulations in some countries are factors that will discourage employees from considering a move to those destinations.’

“…Nearly four in ten (37 per cent) of global employees strongly agreed that the country the foreign assignment sent them to was a major factor in their decision to relocate or not, down five points from 2012 (42 per cent).

“Compared with 2012, fewer said they wanted to relocate to the US (30 per cent; –4 points compared to 2012), though, at three in ten, it remained the top choice in terms of the country global employees most wanted to relocate to.

“The US was followed by Canada (22 per cent; +2 points), the UK (19 per cent; –3 points), Australia (19 per cent; –1 point), Germany (17 per cent; +2 points), and Switzerland (16 per cent; no change to 2012's figure).

“…The survey was sponsored by BDO Global, the Council For Global Immigration, Crown World Mobility, Dwellworks, EuRA, Randstad Holding NV, TheMIGroup, and Weichert Workforce Mobility.”

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