SHRM and CFGI: H-1B Cap Fails to Meet Employers’ Needs


SHRM and CFGI: H-1B Cap Fails to Meet Employers' Needs

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 12, 2018 — For the sixth straight year, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that a random lottery will be used to allocate visas under the H-1B cap, leaving employers uncertain about whether their petitions will be selected for processing.

In total, 190,098 petitions were filed for fiscal year 2019 for the 85,000 visas available under the H-1B cap.

"Random allocation of a limited number of visas does not allow employers to efficiently recruit, hire, transfer and retain a global workforce, and we risk falling behind our global competitors," said Mike Aitken, vice president of government affairs of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). "H-1B visas are one important piece of addressing the skills gap, along with focusing resources to train and educate Americans."

SHRM has found that 68 percent of its members report difficulty recruiting candidates for full-time positions, with science, technology, engineering and math positions being the most difficult high-skilled positions to fill. 

"We need a modern immigration system that reflects market demand, protects U.S. workers, and prioritizes visas for employers who invest in the U.S. workforce," said Lynn Shotwell, executive director of the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI).

"Predictability is important for employers to remain competitive and innovative in our global economy," Shotwell said. "It's a key element that our current employment based immigration system is lacking."

Learn more about CFGI's "Principles for Reform," which outlines ways to make America's employment-based immigration system fair, innovative and competitive.

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