Council for Global Immigration Responds to Executive Orders


January 30, 2017

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Council for Global Immigration Responds to Executive Orders
Employers Need Tools to Access Global Talent, Grow Economy

Washington, D.C. – Lynn Shotwell, Executive Director of the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI), released the following statement commenting on the series of immigration-related executive orders released by President Trump. 

“For a number of years, leaders in government and the private sector have agreed that our employment-based immigration system desperately needs reform. However, the one-off approach of executive actions alone is not the way to enact fundamental change. Only congressional action can bring about the kind of reform needed to strengthen national security and interior enforcement, improve protections for American workers and give employers the tools to recruit, hire and retain the talent they need to create American jobs and grow the economy.”

On the executive orders cutting off immigration from certain countries:

“While CFGI supports strong national security protections, it is important to recognize that American employers rely on a mobile workforce and legitimate international business travel to function in the modern global economy. Students from around the world need the ability to travel to and from American universities for their studies, and faculty from all countries must be able to come to America to provide students a world-class education. The executive order signed on Friday is clearly causing great uncertainty for American employers and universities.

“American businesses and universities have employees around the world from many cultures and religions who are vital to their success. It is shortsighted to abruptly and entirely cut off immigration from certain countries without accounting for individuals’ work histories or backgrounds. We urge the President to take a measured approach that does not create unnecessary uncertainty that will hinder America’s economic prosperity.”


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