CFGI Urges Congress to Work Together to Find a Bipartisan Solution at Senate DACA hearing


Today the Senate Judiciary committee held a hearing, “The Oversight of the Administration’s Decision to End the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”.  CFGI attended the hearing and CFGI and SHRM offered a statement for the record calling on Congress to work together to find a timely bipartisan solution before the program is scheduled to end in March of 2018. CFGI’s and SHRM’s statement was entered into the Congressional record by Senator Feinstein (D-CA).

Some key takeaways from the hearing follow:

  • Agreement to Help DACA Recipients Exits, But No Decision on How to Do it Yet. Today marked the beginning of efforts on Capitol Hill to work toward a solution for DACA recipients. While there seems to be interest on both sides of the aisle to help provide a legal status to the DACA population before the program is scheduled to end next year there are differences of opinion on how to do so in legislation.  At the hearing, there were bipartisan calls for the DREAM Act, some Republicans supported the recently introduced SUCCEED Act and other Republicans called for border security and interior enforcement, including mandatory E-Verify, to pass before Congress should turn to help these individuals.

  • Calls to Extend the October 5 Deadline. Due to recent humanitarian needs in part created by the hurricanes that hit the United States in September, there were for DHS to extend the October 5 deadline for DACA recipients to file renewals if their work authorizations expire between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018.

  • Calls for the President to Clarify his Scope of Reform Request of Congress.  Both Democrats and Republicans called on the President to clarify the scope of his request of Congress to find a solution for the DACA recipients.  Specifically, committee members were seeking clarification on the list of reforms the President is requesting Congress  move with a solution.  The concern from some on the committee is that if the President is asking for issues that have historically been addressed in a comprehensive reform context, then that will make moving a solution forward in the next 5 months challenging if not impossible. Some members called for a much shorter list to move with a DACA solution that for example might just include border security and interior enforcement.  Other members called for just a clean DREAM Act to move forward this session.

  • Concern that DACA Recipients Information will be Used  When DACA is Set to Expire. Some on the committee also expressed concern that information such as name, date of birth, location and other information DACA recipients have provided to DHS over the years might be used to enforce the law against them when the DACA program is set to expire if there is no legislative solution.  USCIS told the committee that the policy of not using DACA information for enforcement purposes remains in place at this time, but it is a policy that could be revisited if and when the program phases out.

If any CFGI members have questions about CFGI’s statement for the record or the recent Senate hearing, please contact Rebecca Peters