“Amid debate, all 2016 American Nobel laureates are immigrants”

The Hill

“In a year in which Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is proposing a crackdown on immigration, all six of the 2016 American Nobel laureates announced to date are immigrants.

“‘I think the resounding message that should go out all around the world is that science is global,’ Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, one of three laureates in chemistry, told The Hill…

“…Stoddart, born in Scotland, credited American openness with bringing top scientists to the country. He added, however, that the American scientific establishment will only remain strong ‘as long as we don’t enter an era where we turn our back on immigration.’

“…‘It’s particularly pertinent to have these discussions in view of the political climate on both sides of the pond at the moment,’ said Stoddart. ‘I think the United States is what it is today largely because of open borders.’

“…Duncan Haldane, the English Princeton University researcher who won the prize for physics, described the immigration process as a ‘bureaucratic nightmare for many people’ in an interview with The Hill.

“…Despite procedural challenges, the scientists believe the American educational system will continue attracting researchers from all over the world.”

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