“Employment-Based Green Card Filings Up in FY 2016”


“The Department of Labor (DOL) released statistics for the Permanent Labor Certification Program (PERM) for fiscal year (FY) 2016, showing an increase in the number of filings from the previous year.

“The DOL received a total of 97,504 PERM applications in FY 2016, an 11 percent increase from the previous year. PERM applications jumped 17 percent in FY 2015 from FY 2014.

“…Andrew Wilson, a partner in the immigration law firm Serotte Reich Wilson…believes the main reason for the increase in volume over the last two years is the long priority-date backlog for Indian nationals. ‘The wait is so long that these individuals—as well as Chinese nationals—may be promoted or move on to new companies, where they are sometimes able to pursue an expedited EB-2 case rather than remain in the lengthy EB-3 backlog. This can trigger the need to file new PERM applications for changes in positions and employers. If priority-date backlogs continue, these numbers may continue to grow.’   

“Companies that are doing well and looking to permanently secure foreign nationals in hard-to-fill positions could be another reason for the rise in filings, Wilson said.

“…President-elect Donald Trump has not specifically made mention of the PERM program, Wilson said. But changes could be in store…”

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