“HR Professionals Must Advocate for 21st Century Policies, SHRM Says”

HR Daily Advisor

“Human resources…professionals must develop a cohesive voice to advocate for policies that work in the 21st-century workplace, the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) CEO told attendees during a March 13 presentation. 

“…Many of the policy changes implemented since President Trump’s inauguration affect the workplace and HR’s leadership is needed, Jackson said. ‘HR needs a clear, united voice,’ he said, touching on a few specific issues.

Immigration. ‘No one knows better than HR that globalization is here to stay,’ Jackson said. The world economies rely on, among other things, business’ ability to find talent. HR must advocate for immigration systems that allow employers to recruit, hire, train and transfer talent, Jackson told attendees; employers need policies that support a mobile workforce. ‘HR must be the voice for that.’

“…Employers need policies that work for the 21st-century workplace, Jackson said. These should be based on three principles:

  1. Innovation. Employers need to be able to choose how, when and where work is done. People in organizations should be able to agree to be creative and flexible, he said.

  2. Competitiveness. Employers must be able to ensure their workplace is competitive, and to offer the right mix of benefits for that workplace, Jackson said.

  3. Fairness. Employers’ policies must be equitable. Employees will never be fully engaged and productive if they don’t believe they are treated fairly, honestly and ethically, he said.

“Jackson called on attendees to take action on these and other policies ahead of the organization’s lobbying… ‘They’re our issues,’ he said. ‘We’re the ones that implement them’ so it’s important for HR professionals to ensure that their voices are heard in statehouses across the country. ‘There’s never been more at stake in our professions,’ he said."

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