“ICE chief pledges quadrupling or more of workplace crackdowns”


“The administration's top immigration enforcement official on Tuesday [October 17] said his agency will vastly step up crackdowns on employers who hire undocumented immigrants -- a new front in President Donald Trump's hardline immigration agenda.

“Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan…was asked whether his agency would do more to target not just undocumented workers, but their places of work.

“Homan said he has instructed Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)…to potentially quintuple worksite enforcement actions next year.

“…‘We've already increased the number of inspections in work site operations, you will see that significantly increase this next fiscal year,’ Homan promised, saying the goal is to remove the ‘magnet’ drawing people to enter the US illegally.

“And he said his agency would approach the task in a way that's ‘a little different’ than in the past, by going just as aggressively after employees.

“‘Not only are we going to prosecute the employers that hire illegal workers, we're going to detain and remove the illegal alien workers,’ Homan said.

“…ICE still has posted the previous administration's policy on work site enforcement, which prioritizes targeting employers that use undocumented labor as a business model, engage in human smuggling, mistreat employees, commit identity fraud, launder money or are otherwise involved in criminal activity.

“ICE spokeswoman Liz Johnson said the strategy ‘continues to address both’ employers and employees.”

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